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Mars Art Gallery 2005 News Archive Index

Following are the Mars Art Gallery news releases for 2005.

Dec 25, 2005: Christmas Release of Three New Images and Site Search Added

Dec 04, 2005: Two New Galleries and Ten New Images Added to the Mars Art Gallery

Oct 29, 2005: "Behold Mars" 2006 Calendar Now Available

Oct 27, 2005: NAPP Gallery Editor Picks "Martian Gullied Crater" As An Editors Choice

Oct 26, 2005: Digital Mars Blog Launched

Oct 21, 2005: New Presentation "Behold Mars" Made to Seniors Group

Oct 15, 2005: New Images and New Coloring Technique On Display at the Mars Art Gallery

Aug 22, 2005: New Abstract Gallery and Images Debut on Mars Art Gallery

Aug 15, 2005: New Images of Mars Added to Mars Art Gallery Orbital Gallery

Jun 25, 2005: Wallpaper Versions of Mars Art Gallery Images Released and Phobos Revisited Added

Jun 20, 2005: New Images Added to Mars Art Gallery Orbital Gallery

Jun 01, 2005: Mars As Art Program Added to Duckon Science Fiction Convention

May 01, 2005: Mars As Art To Be Presented at the ToBeContinued Convention.

Apr 11, 2005: Mars As Art Program Featured at Astronomy Day Event at Harper College

Mar 20, 2005: Mars As Art Program Presented at Northwest Suburban Astronomers Meeting

Mar 11, 2005: Mars As Art Program Presented to Skokie Valley Astronomers

Mar 08, 2005: Mars Art Gallery Web Site Launched

"Long and careful study of the information accumulated over many years by astronomers and scientists of various countries, and of recent observations and discoveries made, has led me to the conclusion that some form of life definitely exists on Mars." There Is Life On Mars, by The Earl Nelson, 1955.

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