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This page was last updated on May 16, 2005.

This page is primarily an index to other web sites that would be useful to people interested in learning more about Mars. Also identified here are programs that I have written and made available as well as useful reference books.

Index to Mars Related Programs

Mars Database of Named Features is a Java applet I wrote that provides access to over 1,400 of the named features on Mars. In addition, for each feature a list of the Viking images that targeted that area is provided.

Mars Global Surveyor Image Finder is a Perl CGI that I am in the process of testing. This program will allow users to quickly locate Mars Global Surveyor images on the Malin Space Science Systems web site.

Index to Mars Related Web Sites

The web sites identified here have been categorized based on their primary subject. The categories are:

Viking Mission to Mars Sites is the Malin Space Science Systems Viking Image Archive. Click on the appropriate link to access a Mars map of the resolution you want. Unfortunately this is a difficult way to access Viking images. However, once you select an area, you do see thumbnails of all the Viking images available for that area. Note that this interface does not give you access to the raw Viking image data but to 1/8 size jpeg equivalents. Last visited 05/15/05. is the National Space Science Data Center Viking Mission to Mars Summary Information page. is the Planetary Data System Imaging Node Viking Online Data Volumes which provides online access to the Viking CDROMS containing the imagery returned by the Viking missions to Mars. The section of this web page that most users will want to access is the section labeled "Mission to Mars: Viking Orbiter Images of Mars (Experiment Data Records)." is the Mars - Viking Lander Image Data providing online access to imagery returned by the Viking 1 and Viking 2 landers. The images are available in several formats: GIF, FITS, VICAR, PDS, TIFF. Last Visited: 03/14/05.

Mars Pathfinder Sites Pathfinder Imaging CDs and Project Information Mars Pathfinder Master Site (*****) JPL site for the Pathfinder mission. Mars Pathfinder Lander Raw Image EDRs on CD-ROM This data set contains all 16,661 raw images (also known as Experiment Data Records, or EDRs) taken by the Imager for Mars Pathfinder (IMP) camera on the Mars Pathfinder Lander. Mars Pathfinder Lander Raw Images CD-ROM Purchase Page at the National Space Science Data Center Mars Pathfinder CD-ROMs Online Data Volumes Mars Pathfinder IMP Image Browser for CD 1 images acquired July 4 through July 18, 1997 (plus pre-landing calibration images) Mars Pathfinder IMP Image Browser for CD 2 images acquired July 18 through August 8, 1997 Mars Pathfinder IMP Image Browser for CD 3 images acquired August 8 through September 27, 1997

Mars Global Surveyor Sites Malin Space Science Systems Index to Mars Global Surveyor Images is the main Malin Space Systems index page to the MGS MOC images. Last visited 03/09/05. Mars Global Surveyor is the NASA JPL home page for the Mars Global Surveyor mission. Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Science Investigation is the index page to the science results from the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter aboard Mars Global Surveyor.

Mars Odyssey Mission Sites is the Mars 2001 Odyssey THEMIS Data Distribution web site. This web site providing access to all publicly released THEMIS data. Note that there is a lag time between when an image makes its appearance in the Themis Gallery and when the raw data becomes available. Data is added to the system every 3 months. The search tool on this page allows users to retrieve images based on either image id, latitude, longitude, or orbit. Alternatively a clickable map is available for locating images. Last visited 03/16/2005.

Mars Exploration Rovers Sites is the JPL Mars Rover Image Releases Index. This is an index to the press release images associated with the Spirit and Opportunity Mars Exploration Rovers. Last visited 05/15/2005. is the NASA JPL Mars Exploration Rover Image Index page. From this page you can access indexes to:

  • Press Release Images
  • All Raw Images
  • Panoramas
  • 3-D Images
  • Spacecraft
  • Mars Artwork
  • Landing Sites

It is important to note that the "All Raw Images" index is not really an index to the raw images. Rather it is all the images in JPEG format. Last visited 05/15/2005. is the MER Analyst's Notebook web site. This is the place to go to obtain the raw images returned by the Spirit and Opportunity rovers. Quoting from the site: "The MER Analyst's Notebook (AN) provides access to the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Mission data archives by integrating sequence information, engineering and science data, and documentation into standard web-accessible pages to facilitate mission "replay." Data in the AN are produced by the MER science teams. The intended audience is the PDS science community. New users are encouraged to refer to the online User's Guide and to mission documentation contained within the Notebook." I prefer this site to the JPL image site because all of the images available from the JPL MER site are compressed JPEGs. Last visited 05/15/2005.

Mars Planetary Science and Educational Sites is the ASU Mars Education Program which consists of in part the following PDF guide books on Mars related science: ASU Mars Robotics Lesson Backgrounds, ASU Mars Robotics Lesson Plans, Mapping the Surface of a Planet Student Guide, Mapping the Surface of a Planet Teacher Guide, Mapping the Surface of a Planet, Activity One image, Mapping the Surface of a Planet, Activity One Context image, Mapping the Surface of a Planet, Activity Two image, Mapping the Surface of a Planet, Activity Three image. Last visited 03/16/2005. is the US Geological Survey Planetary GIS Web Server - PIGWAD with geological maps of Mars and other planets. Last visited 03/21/2005. is the US Geological Survey Astrogeology Research Programs "Web Pages with Information about Mars" is an excellent index to Mars and related geological web sites. Last visited 03/21/2005.

Index to Mars Related Books

The following is an initial listing of a few of the Mars books in my personal collection.

Title:  Mars
Author:  Hugh H. Kieffer,Conway Snyder (Editor),Bruce M. Jakosky (Editor),Mildred S. Matthews (Editor)
ISBN:  0816512574
Publisher:  U of Ariz
Date Published:  December 1997
Description: I lead off with what is without doubt the single most comprehensive, and technical, book about Mars. It is almost 1,500 pages long and has contributions from 114 authors. If you want to know anything about the planet Mars, you can find it here. I highly recommend this book for those with a serious interest in understanding Mars.

Title: Water on Mars
Author: Michael H. Carr
ISBN: 0195099389
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Incorporated
Date Published: November 1995
Description: This is an excellent book on Martian geology and is one that I recommend. The focus of the book is on the question of the role played by water in Mars' past.

Title:   NASA Mars Conference, July 21st to 23rd, 1986
Author:  Duke B. Reiber (Editor)
ISBN:  0877032947
Publisher:  Univelt In
Description: I highly recommend this book as it is an interesting blend of Mars science as well as plans for future robotic and human missions to Mars. The book is a collection of papers presented at a NASA sponsored conference held in 1986.

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