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March 08, 2005: Mars Art Gallery Web Site Launched

The Mars Art Gallery web site goes live this day. This web site and the images on display have been created by Jim Plaxco for the purpose of sharing his love of Mars and its natural beauty with others. The web site will also provide a home for information that compliments his various Mars related presentations.

The images on display here are presented in two galleries. In the Orbital Gallery are the images that were created using images taken by satellites in orbit around Mars. These include the Viking orbiters and the Mars Global Surveyor missions. The images included in the initial release of this gallery are:

The second gallery is the Surface Gallery and is home to images created from Mars lander mission imagery. Images that will be in this gallery include the Viking landers and the Mars Pathfinder and Mars Exploration Rover rover missions. The images included in the initial release of this gallery are:

In addition to the art of Mars, the web site also contains a section of relevant Articles and a list of Resources that would be useful for those wanting to learn more about Mars.

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