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July 21, 2006: NASA "Mars as Art" Exhibit Includes "Eroded Martian Landform" Image

July 20, 2006 was the 30th anniversary of the Viking 1 Lander's touchdown on Mars. To commemorate the Viking landing on Mars NASA unveiled an exhibit of images of Mars that spans 30 years of robotic exploration of the red planet - from the Viking to the Mars Exploration Rover missions. Images included in this exhibit were chosen based on their artistic value by a panel of professional artists, photographers, and photo editors. Approximately 5,000 images were nominated for inclusion in the exhibit from which 45 were selected by the judges.

The Mars Art Gallery is proud to have had one of its images included in the exhibit. Titled "Mare Australe Quadrangle" in the NASA Flash presentation, the image Eroded Martian Landform is taken from a Mars Global Surveyor image of an unusual eroded landform located at approximately 69 south latitude, 208 west latitude.

The NASA "Mars as Art" Flash exhibit is on display at The presentation is also accessible from the NASA Multimedia Gallery index page.

Figure 1. The NASA Mars As Art Gallery

NASA Mars As Art Gallery Index

Figure 2. The NASA Mars As Art Gallery with the image "Eroded Martian Landform"

NASA Mars As Art Gallery

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