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June 10, 2006: Imaging Mars Presented at the Duckon Science Fiction Convention

Jim Plaxco delivered an "Imaging Mars" presentation at the Duckon Science Fiction Convention today. Part art show, part planetary geology lesson, and part image processing tutorial, the one hour presentation was well received by the audience.

Jim also delivered a "Martian Retrospective" presentation which examined the history of martian exploration. Spanning 400 years of exploration, both telescopic and robotic, the presentation discussed what we have both learned and unlearned.

In addition to the two Mars presentation, Jim also:

  • delivered the presentation "Solar Power from Space for Earth"
  • chaired a panel discussion on "The Future of the U.S. Manned Space Program"
  • chaired a panel discussion on "Libertarian Paradise or a Totalitarian H*ll? Life in Space"

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